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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your design aesthetics/style?

My design aesthetics lean towards transitional style - a mix of classic and contemporary - with a feel that is polished, layered, and with pops of color. However, I approach every project with fresh eyes and the desire to create a space for my clients and not myself. My personal aesthetic has evolved through the years and it is not a specific style.

If I don't know my design aesthetic, can you still help me?

Certainly! After 5 years of formal education and over 17 years of experience, I know I can help those who need guidance on their design style. But, besides adding a label to your interiors, we'll curate a space with things that make your heart sing! You'll be in good hands!

What is your interior design background and how long have you been in business?

I have a degree in Interior Design and another in Art History. I have been designing for over twenty years but technically I have been a designer since graduating in 2005. So,17 years and counting!

What makes you unique in what you do?

I am a good listener - listening to your wants and needs is paramount to me. My passion is to create your interiors by helping you resolve any issues or challenges you may have with them and by fulfilling your wishes to the fullest. I will listen attentively to your desires and considerations and create an amazing space with you in mind. Further, I enjoy balancing beauty with practicality. I am not afraid to break the rules to create spaces that are meaningful and special for my clients. While I will give you guidance on how things work together naturally, your desires for the space are at the forefront.   

How do you charge your fees?

I charge flat fees as opposed to hourly. You will know in advance, how much my services will cost you. I will give you an estimated fee for the entire phase of the project. Should there be any changes, you'll be notified ahead of time. 

Can you explain your intake process?

Certainly! In order to ensure I fully understand your project, I start by asking anyone interested in my services to schedule a Discovery Call where I will dedicate up to 30 minutes to find out more about you and your interior design needs. The next step will be scheduling an in-home consultation where I will assess the space(s) in question and gather all necessary information to understand how I can best assist you. Then, I'll either offer one of my services or create a custom quote for you. See my services here. 

Is there a fee for your initial consultation? 

Yes. My consultations are filled with value and information that will definitely save you time, money, and mistakes! It is a worthy investment ($387) and lasts for up to 2 hours.

Read the 6 Benefits of an Interior Design Consultation to have a better understanding of the advantages of this service. 

What is the difference between an interior designer and a decorator?

Excellent question! An Interior Designer is a trained expert who, while designing, takes into consideration not just the beauty but the functionality of the space which she/he will design with your lifestyle and well-being in mind. We routinely deal with home challenges including aging-in-place modifications, ideal furniture layout, best lighting selections for each space, selecting appropriate furnishings, etc... while creating lasting solutions for you. A decorator simply decorates a space. 

Is there something you would like to ask?

I'd love to hear it! Send me an email, here

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